The Metanium

For a Happy Nappy routine

Nappy rash?

Metanium is here to help!

The Yellow One


Nappy Rash Ointment

Soothes & Treats

The Purple One


Everyday Barrier Ointment

Daily Protection from Nappy Rash

The Green One


Everyday Easy Spray Barrier Lotion

Shake – Spray – Protect

How Metanium can help

The Metanium range has been specifically formulated with one aim in mind: to keep parents and babies as happy as can be – without nappy rash! Nappy rash is not an uncommon irritation in a baby’s life, so trust us, it’s nothing to fear if you’re the parent of a new born, especially with Metanium by your side. Whether it be to treat, soothe or protect, the Metanium range is here to help look after your baby’s delicate skin all year round, relieving irritation with the Nappy Rash Ointment and helping to prevent further outbreaks with our Everyday.

Did you know..?

Toddlers have small tummies and needs a lots of variety, so to help them grow strong and healthy it's important to give them foods that are packed with nutrients, and avoid foods full of empty calories (like sweets and fizzy drinks).


Whether you’re interested in learning more about your pregnancy, want to discover what life with a newborn will look like, or how you can better occupy your toddler, our Everyday advice offers just that.

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