When making any changes to your baby's diet
like a change in milk or weaning onto solid foods,
it can cause runny stools (poo!) which can lead to
nappy rash

How a change in diet can be a trigger for nappy rash

All these diet changes can have a big impact on the content of your baby’s nappies; from colour to consistency, that first ‘weaning poo’ can be a surprise!

Runny stools increase the need to change your little one’s nappies. Using our Metanium Everyday Easy Spray Barrier Lotion will make it a quick and easy task to protect your baby’s bottoms during all those nappy changes. Two quick sprays before putting on the new nappy can prevent any nappy rash occurring on that silky smooth skin.

A Metanium Miracle from us to you

When beginning the weaning process with your little one, why not create a food diary and track their stools against it? This way you’ll know for sure whether it’s the butternut squash or pureed banana who’s the culprit behind those extra nasty nappies.

When to seek medical advice

If your baby’s behaviour seems unusual then seek medical advice.


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