Your baby is having a tough enough time as it is when struggling with a cold - and it's safe to say the struggle is real for parents too!

How the common cold can trigger nappy rash*

Babies and young children get colds quite often, as their immune system is still developing. Although it can be worrying, it’s not usually too serious and tends to pass within a couple of weeks. Along with a runny nose, babies are more likely to have diarrhoea or looser stools, which of course ups the number of necessary nappy changes! Keeping on top of the issue by changing your babies nappies frequently, and using our Metanium Everday Barrier Ointment to protect their skin is the best way to ease a little off your baby’s distress.

Morris H, The bottom line on nappy rash, British Journal of Midwifery, September 2012, Vol 20, No 9, pages 540-543.

A Metanium Miracle from us to you

Gently clean your baby’s bum, wiping from front to back using warm water and cotton wool or fragrance and alcohol-free baby wipes is one of our tiny miracles – simple and easy but it helps prevent any irritations happening in the first place!

When to seek medical advice

Most colds in infants get better without treatment, but you should seek medical advice if:


Common Cold



First sleep

Change in Diet

Loose stools

The Yellow One


Nappy Rash Ointment

Soothes & Treats

The Purple One


Everyday Barrier Ointment

Daily Protection from Nappy Rash

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