Some parents report an increase in nappy rash
around the time of teething

How teething can cause nappy rash

We understand teething can be a traumatic time for both you and your baby. Most of our little ones will start teething at around six months, however all babies are different so don’t worry if your little one is a late bloomer! Although teething does not directly trigger nappy rash, their little teeth starting to sprout can bring on diarrhoea, meaning a higher chance for nappy rash!  If this does occur, using our iconic Yellow one will help soothe any irritation on your babies’ bottoms!

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Before putting on a new nappy, make sure your baby’s skin is patted completely dry – nappy rash is caused by moisture, so the dryer, the better!

When to seek medical advice

If your baby’s behaviour seems unusual, or their teething symptoms are severe or causing you concern, then seek medical advice.


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